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The FSKS Conscientious Advocacy Promise™

Redefining the Client Experience From the Client's Perspective

There are over 1.35 million attorneys in the United States. Choosing the right one is hard.

How do you choose? What sets one firm apart from another?

At FSKS, we’ve asked ourselves these very questions, not as attorneys, but from the client’s perspective. What do today’s clients want? What do they need? If we could reimagine the entire attorney-client experience from the ground up, what would it look like? What would be most important?

Building a Client-Centric Law Practice

When it comes down to it, it’s the simple things that mean the most:

  • Clients want to be heard.
  • They want to be understood by a trusted advocate who will fight for them.
  • They want to be able to reach their attorney on short notice, or else be confident that a return phone call or e-mail is imminent.
  • They want to know what they can expect throughout all stages of the representation – and they hate surprises

At FSKS, we get it. Really. When it comes to customer service, we think that legal professionals should be setting and raising the bar, again and again – not scrambling to catch up with other industries in terms of customer satisfaction and appreciation.

In fact, at FSKS, earning and keeping our client’s trust means everything. So much so that we’ve shaped our entire firm culture around 5 Core Values dedicated to addressing our clients’ needs:  (1) Empathy; (2) Communication; (3) Strategic Planning; (4) Experience; and (5) Satisfaction. Together, these core values make up what we call the FSKS Conscientious Advocacy Promise™.

The product of decades of collective law firm management experience, our Conscientious Advocacy Promise is a synthesis of the very best client-centered corporate cultures and philosophies we could assemble. And it is always subject to further refinement as we continue to adapt to our client’s ever-evolving needs.


Our job is to help our clients, often through a very difficult, stressful, and/or contentious time. Conscientious advocacy means never adding to our client’s anxiety or problems – we’re here to alleviate and solve client concerns, not contribute to them. Sometimes that means just sitting back and knowing when to listen. Above all, the client must always know, and take comfort in knowing, that we are on their side. We have their back, 100%. If a client ever experiences anything less, we’ve failed.


Conscientious advocacy includes consistent communication to ensure that our clients know what is going on. Our availability and receptiveness to client contact must be second to none, which we demonstrate by not waiting for the client to call us, but consistently initiating client contact and reporting throughout the representation. Of course, our clients know that they need not wait to hear from us if they have questions – all clients are assigned a Client Advocacy Team, whose members are happy to address any and all questions about the status of a case. Anytime.

Strategic Planning

While there are too many variables in the law to ever predict or guaranty an outcome, conscientious advocacy means implementing collaborative strategies from the outset to always put our clients in the best position to succeed. That’s why our Client Advocacy Teams are assigned at the very start of each matter, and typically schedule the initial strategy meeting with the client within days after we are retained. The client then works closely with the team to identify all goals and then map out a strategy – complete with clearly defined tasks and deadlines – to achieve those goals as efficiently as possible. Of course, even the best-laid plans are sometimes challenged by a host of variables beyond our control (i.e., an unreasonable adversary, or a change in the law). No worries – our Client Advocacy Teams are adept at adjusting our strategies to account for surprises of any kind.


We’ve got a pretty deep bench. With dozens of attorneys admitted to practice in several jurisdictions, including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, we’ve gone up against some of the biggest firms in the world in a wide variety of legal matters. From business litigation to transactional work, and from trademark infringement claims to some of the largest commercial real estate transactions in NJ, our attorneys are experienced in just about every legal discipline there is. With a few hundred years of collective legal experience to call upon at FSKS, conscientious advocacy means leveraging our past successes every day to maximize efficiencies, while at the same time embracing cutting edge legal techniques and technologies to help shape the modern law firm of tomorrow.


Above all, conscientious advocacy means going above and beyond to ensure that our client’s entire legal experience is a positive one. We take great pride in knowing that if we stay true to the 4 core values outlined above, our clients will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they have received excellent legal representation from people who really care about them, all at a reasonable price.

Our Mission Statement

  • To honor the 5 Core Values behind our Conscientious Advocacy Promise™.
  • To consider our clients’ perspective in everything we do.
  • To build a reputation as the preeminent client-centric law firm in the country.
  • To serve as an essential partner to our clients in helping them realize their business and personal goals, hopes, and dreams.
  • To actively support and participate in our local community through charity work, sponsorships, and the exploration and development of business, marketing, and networking relationships and opportunities with vendors, shops, merchants, and residents throughout Northern New Jersey.


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James E. Shepard
Eric S. Kapnick
Gregg P. Tabakin
Alan S. Golub
Vincent DiMaiolo, Jr.
Michael S. Hanusek
David J. Levine
Tammy L. Terrell-Benoza
Nicholas Canova
Felicia Ekejiuba

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Nowhere is there more kindness and joy to be found and shared than in giving back to the communities we serve. The attorneys and staff and FSKS are proud to work with and support the following outstanding organizations:

We are always looking for additional ways to support our friends and neighbors, so if you know of a truly excellent cause in need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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