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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

As we are a full service general practice firm, we have divided our many practice areas into several departments dedicated to serving certain legal needs. Our alignment into departments allows our attorneys to focus on specific areas of law, while providing our clients with attorneys experienced and skilled in many areas of law.

We have a fluid, dynamic interaction between the various departments and practice areas. An attorney drafting a merger agreement might consult with a business litigator about the effect of proposed language of an arbitration clause, a foreclosure specialist might consult with an estate planner to better understand the responsibilities of fiduciaries of a debtor’s estate, or an attorney representing the trustee of an estate might work with colleagues in the collections area.

As many of our attorneys are licensed in both New Jersey and New York, we are able to bring state specific knowledge to each representation. The structure of our practice is intentionally flexible so we can bring the appropriate expertise to each aspect of a client’s situation.