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Commercial and Retail Debt Collection & Litigation Services

No matter what business or industry you are in, you’ve worked hard to build something you can be proud of. You’ve spent countless hours training employees, developing improved systems and processes, and tirelessly refining and improving upon the goods and services you provide to your clients and customers. Unfortunately, as every business owner eventually learns, there is always a small percentage of clients and customers who, for a variety of reasons, fail to pay for the goods and/or services you’ve provided. And as your business continues to grow, like most business owners you will reach a point at which the constant demands of your growing business leave little time to pursue delinquent accounts. Even worse, you may start to feel that it’s just not worth it to pursue what you are owed.

That’s where we can help. With over 100 years of collective attorney experience in our department, “We Collect in New Jersey” is more than just a motto – it’s an expression of our pride in the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of the professional collection processes we’ve developed in our New Jersey Collections practice. Our relationships and experience with national and local collection agencies, direct creditors, and debt buyers, has allowed us to develop processes and protocols that conform to our client’s most stringent work standards, allowing us to work as quickly as possible to convert unpaid invoices and accounts receivable into cash. When “We Collect in New Jersey,” our clients see immediate and direct results to their bottom line.

For those matters that require us to go the extra step and file litigation, we are aggressive and successful advocates in both the courtroom and through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration. Our litigation attorneys have decades of experience and practical knowledge in all aspects of pursuing commercial and retail debt collection, foreclosure, banking, and related bankruptcy matters on behalf of our clients. And because the expense of litigation can be daunting, forcing a true and difficult risk/reward analysis, whenever possible we try to ease that burden by offering our clients the option of proceeding on a contingent basis. As always, we strive for the quickest and largest recoveries for our Collections clients who need to pursue recoveries through litigation.

Of course, our commitment to modern technology serves us well in Collections litigation. We are connected electronically with the courts, allowing us to communicate and file directly with the courts on an expedited basis, and to constantly monitor the status of all Collection matters that are in litigation. All of this translates into faster, larger recoveries for our clients.
And while some Collections law firms need to tag out of litigation when a debtor asserts counterclaims, increasing the scope, time, and expense of the litigation, FSKS is well equipped to aggressively defend even the most complex debtor counterclaims and see the matter through to completion. By partnering with a full roster of experienced and talented trial attorneys in our full-service Litigation practice group, no Collections litigation is too big for us to handle.

Rapid Reporting and Payment Technology

Modern technology is the key to rapid results and effective communication with those entrusting their Collection files with us. Through the use of e-mail and secured FTP sites, we are able to provide the precise level of real-time reporting that our clients appreciate. Our automated electronic payment systems greatly expedite collection efforts by allowing debtors to immediately pay off their debts, either in full or pursuant to reasonable payment schedules that include penalties for non-payment.

Fully Bonded

Our Collections practice is fully bonded through every major law list, including:

  • American Lawyers Quarterly
  • Clearing House Quarterly
  • The Columbia Law List
  • The Commercial Bar
  • The Forwarder’s List of Attorneys
  • General Bar
  • International List of Attorneys
  • National List of Attorneys
  • Subrogation Attorney Network
  • Wright Holmes Law List

Our listings with every bonded law list provide our clients with protection and peace of mind when placing matters with our office.

Professional Affiliations

Our Collections professionals participate in the following industry organizations:

  • Commercial Law League of America
  • The ACA International
  • National Creditor’s Bar Association
  • International Association of Commercial Collectors (Associate Member)
  • National Association of Subrogation Professionals
  • Receivables Management Association

By attending annual conferences and communicating with other members, we stay informed and educated about the latest developments in Collections law and practice, allowing us to remain at the top of our field in providing outstanding service and value to our clients.

For more information about how our Collection practice can get to work for you, please contact Phil Kahn or David Levine, who head up our Collections practice.

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