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Our People

Our People

Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging experiences that are drawn upon as appropriate to best advocate or resolve our clients’ matters. Our attorneys formerly held positions as varied as a Municipal Court Judge (Parsippany -Troy Hills 1995), IRS Auditor, Deputy Attorney General, and served as Law Clerks to several State and Federal judges throughout New Jersey. Being able to draw upon such diverse experience is a cornerstone of the modern, full-service general law firm that is well-positioned to meet the needs of our clients.

As is necessary in today’s complex legal world, each of our attorneys is also well-versed in one or more areas of law. In order to stay up to date as new cases, laws, and legal trends develop, we have stringent requirements for the ongoing continuing legal education of all of our attorneys. From hosting free in-house CLE for our attorneys and staff, to having some of our very own attorneys speak at CLE panels and presentations throughout New Jersey, we are committed to keeping abreast of all issues of interest to our clients. Indeed, our more experienced attorneys are on the forefront of new developments in the law, and are active, sought-after lecturers and authors within their specialty areas.

Consistent with our Conscientious Advocacy Promise™, one of our Principal attorneys is always responsible for the overall management of each client’s matter. At the same time, we are sensitive to the costs of legal representation, and assign appropriately experienced attorneys and staff to handle different aspects of each engagement.

We also understand that one of the most often heard complaints from clients about their attorneys is lack of communication. By harnessing the benefits of new communication technologies, and by charging all members of each Advocacy Team with responsibility for providing clients with frequent, regular updates, our clients are consistently engaged in the representation from start to finish.


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