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Creditors’ Rights

Creditors' Rights

Within our Creditors’ Rights practice group, we understand that every day a delinquent loan is outstanding, our clients are losing money. That understanding is the foundation of our mission statement: to quickly resolve these types of matters in order for our clients to realize the best possible return on their investments, while at the same time treating adverse parties with courtesy, respect, and professionalism. Achieving this requires laser-sharp focus, expediency, innovation, and talented attorneys and support staff who view our mission statement as not just words on the page, but a call to action to provide the best service and results for our clients.

Indeed, we pride ourselves on being one of the strongest, most successful Creditors’ Rights firms in New Jersey, focusing on Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, related secured creditors litigation, post-foreclosure sale evictions, and resolution of real estate title and lien disputes. Through our long-standing regional partnerships, we are also able efficiently and effectively represent creditors outside the State of New Jersey.


Our Foreclosure practice area’s philosophy is simple: we believe in the efficient use of available resources to eliminate or reduce delays associated with the often lengthy foreclosure process. We are cognizant of the high costs associated with judicial foreclosure and seek to minimize those expenses to our clients on a daily basis.

In prosecuting a foreclosure action, we help our clients by identifying and implementing loss mitigation initiatives, such as deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure and short sales. These loss mitigation efforts usually present a “win-win” situation for both our client and the borrower, thus minimizing some of the negative attributes associated with the foreclosure process.

In addition to handling the straightforward foreclosure proceedings, our department also represents clients in contested litigation, the correction of defects that impair the eventual titles to the transferred at foreclosure sale, the defense of counterclaims (e.g., Alleged Fair Debt Collection, RESPA violations), bankruptcy proceedings, and the eviction of former owners and their tenants, if authorized by state law.

As a result, our attorneys are well known and successful advocates in all levels of the State and Federal court system. We pride ourselves on being one of the strongest and most competent creditors’ rights firms in our region.


Our bankruptcy team, which only represents creditors, readily adapts to changing bankruptcy laws that may delay foreclosure and collection matters. Our attorneys are aggressive, knowledgeable and successful advocates in forums ranging from the courtroom to alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation.

We draw on our extensive experience before federal and state courts situated in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Our clients include both institutions and businesses. Our familiarity with court personnel and procedures in the various bankruptcy courts in all venues has made us a top-rated bankruptcy department.

For more information regarding our Creditors’ Rights practice group, please contact Vincent DiMaiolo, Jr., Nicholas Canova, or Tammy L. Terrell-Benoza.