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Jack Baldini Helps Small Corporate Client Avoid Potentially Devastating Copyright Infringement Litigation by Successfully Negotiating a Pre-Litigation Settlement

Defending copyright infringement claims can be financially devastating to any size business. Between strict liability, per diem penalties, and the possibility of being responsible for the copyright owner’s attorneys’ fees and costs, even a small, inadvertent infringement of a registered copyright can jeopardize the financial health of an otherwise solid business.

On behalf of a small corporate client, Jack Baldini, Esq., quickly and successfully negotiated and resolved alleged copyright infringement claims prior to litigation, with minimal business disruption and relatively low out-of-pocket legal expense. Had the matter gone to litigation, the legal expense alone, without regard to the outcome, had the potential to significantly impact the very existence of the business. For more information about defending or pursuing copyright and other intellectual property infringement claims, please contact Mr. Baldini at (973) 945-1645 or Alan S. Golub, Esq. at (973) 538-4700, x-2382.